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Fox News Politics: Unbiased juror quest

Fox News Politics: Unbiased juror quest


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What’s happening? 

– White House says Biden will not testify in Hunter’s business investigations

– Fetterman calls out anti-Israeli agitators in profanity-laced social media post

– Soros nonprofit becomes huge spender in 2024 election

Quest for unbiased Trump jurors in New York

The second day of jury selection in former President Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial saw a similar dynamic play out: Many New Yorkers don’t think they can be impartial when it comes to the presumptive Republican nominee. 

More than 50 of the original 96 prospective jurors were excused Monday, some of them admitting they could not serve as impartial jurors. Several were excused due to other issues.

On Tuesday, several more were dismissed from the pool of nearly 100. Some said that after further consideration, they simply did not think they could be impartial towards the divisive former president.

Nevertheless, six jurors were sworn in by late Tuesday afternoon — one half of the 12 needed. The court will also select a handful of alternate jurors.

One of the jurors excused (for scheduling reasons) told reporters outside the courtroom that though she was not a fan of Trump, she believed she could have been impartial in the trial. “Everyone was really taking it upon themselves to step in and do civic duty here, regardless of what people came into it thinking about the defendant,” the excused juror said.

Former President Donald Trump exits Trump Tower in New York City

Former President Donald Trump exits Trump Tower in New York City, Monday, April 15, 2024. Jury selection begins today in the so-called hush money trial in Manhattan Criminal Court this morning. (Probe-Media for Fox News Digital)

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George Soros at the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Hungarian-born US investor and Democrat donor George Soros wrote an op-ed in 2007 slamming  the U.S. and Israel for not recognizing Hamas’ election in Palestine. (Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

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