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Kate Middleton prepares for major milestones while battling cancer

Kate Middleton prepares for major milestones while battling cancer


Kate Middleton, who’s getting stronger day by day after her preventative chemotherapy following cancer diagnosis, is said to be excited to celebrate major milestones in next few weeks.

The Princess of Wales, who vows to defeat cancer, is preparing to celebrate two of her children’s birthdays in the coming weeks, as well as two other major events.

The future Queen, who’s currently going through the most difficult phase of her life, is getting ready for celebrating upcoming events that are sure to brighten her days. The celebrations will surely help the Princess to regain strength and smile.¬†

Prince Louis will celebrate his sixth birthday in just over a week’s time, on April 23. Kate will do her best to make her youngest child’s day as special as possible to maintain as much normality for her children during her battle with cancer.

According to the Sun, the mother-of-three will try and make a cake for Louis – much like she does for all of children’s birthdays each year.

The royal’s celebration won’t stop here as she and William will celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary just six days after Louis’s birthday. The couple tied the knot on April 29, 2011 after an eight-year relationship.

It remains unclear how the couple will celebrate, but William will no doubt try and make the day as special as possible for his wife as he has been a source of “comfort” and “reassurance” for Kate since her diagnosis.

Princess of Wales will also be gearing up to celebrate Princess Charlotte’s ninth birthday at the beginning of May, who was born in 2015. She will turn nine on May 2. Just four days after Charlottes’s birthday, the Royal Family will mark one year since the King’s coronation.

William’s sweetheart, in an emotional video released on March 22, shared that her diagnosis came after undergoing post-operative tests following planned abdominal surgery back in January, leaving her and others in unexplained shock and trauma.

Kate may share pictures from the event to delight her fans who are desperately waiting to see their favourite royal’s contagious smile.


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